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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (eight limb yoga) as taught by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois ultimate goal is enlightenment, or profound inner peace. This should not understood as something we have to work hard to attain. Rather to be seen as the true identity of the awakened mind that is already present in all of us.

Wisdom and peace of mind are not mutually contradictory, neither are achievements, but given in everyone. The challenge is to discover the gifts that we already have. This is fundamental and absolutely the necessary approach towards our practice.

Awakened awareness is like being in love, when there seems to be no possible barrier between oneself and the other-in this case all the others. An awakened person has an inner peace and stillness and a joyful, energetic liveliness.

Zazen meditation- (Dhyana – seventh limb) will reveal that all objects or perceptions and thoughts are not permanent but come into being when other necessary conditions for their existence or manifestation are fulfilled. Just sit!

Pranayama (forth limb), the transition element from the outside practice to the internal.

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We are happy to announce that a second shala has been established in the East Region of Attika.

Address : Leoforos Marathonos 111, Nea Makri, 19005.

For info and registration please contact: info@ashtangayogaathens .com.

The classes in the new Shala will be resume as soon the measures are over.