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Zazen Sesshin
with Zen Monk Shokan



  • Friday May 6th :
    20:00-21:30  Introduction, Zazen
  • Saturday May 7th :
    08:00              Tea,Opening Ceremony, Morning Service, Kinhin
    09:00              Zazen, Kinhin, Zazen

10:30              Break
11:00              Tea, Lotus Sutra, Zazen, Kinhin
12:00              Dokusan (private interview)
13:00              Samu, preparation for lunch
13:30              Lunch, clean up, break
15:00              Tea, Zazen
16:00              Dharma talk
17:00              Zazen
18:00              Samu, preparation for supper
18:30              Supper, clean up, break,
20:00              Tea, Zazen
21:00              Dokusan
22:00              End of structured Sitting

  • Sunday May 8th :
    04:30           Wake up
    05:00              Morning Service, Kinhin
    06:00              Tea, Zazen, Kinhin, Zazen
    07:30              Samu (work) Preparation for Breakfast
    08:00              Breakfast, clean up, break
    09:30              Tea, Lotus Sutra, Zazen, Kinhin
    10:30              Dokusan (private interview)
    12:30              Samu, preparation for lunch
    13:00              Lunch, clean up, break
    14:30              Tea, Zazen
    15:30              Question and Answer period
    16:30              Tea, Closing Ceremony, End of Sesshin




  • The participants should have 3 serving bowls, eating spoon and fork or chopsticks. A tea/kitchen towel is necessary as well.
  • All the participants should use their personal care products (toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Saturday evening will be accommodated in the shala. Please bring your own sleeping bag and pillow.
  • For sitting position a zafu and a zafuton are needed as well.

 Note: Meals that will be served are homemade vegetarian.


Registration info

Please send an email at Your place will be valid after the deposit of the whole amount. There is no cancellation policy.

Deadline: Sunday May 1st , 2016

Total cost : € 90,00