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Zazen Sesshin with Zen Monk Shokan

Zazen Sesshin with Zen Monk Shokan

25-27 January 2019


Sesshin means to make the upmost effort to get in close contact, to become aware of our innermost true being. This true being, our heart spirit, is always within us.
Zazen means to ignore our thoughts and follow our breath deep into our unconscious. Down there, well protected from our attempt to consciously control everything, lies this treasure, from which our lives spring. In itself it is everlasting, serene, and seemingly empty -but full with potential.
Shokan Osho


Friday January 25th :
20:00-21:30  Introduction, Zazen

Saturday January 26th :
08:00              Tea,Opening Ceremony, Morning Service, Kinhin
09:00              Zazen, Kinhin, Zazen

10:30              Break
11:00              Tea, Lotus Sutra, Zazen, Kinhin
12:00              Dokusan (private interview)
13:00              Samu, preparation for lunch
13:30              Lunch, clean up, break
15:00              Tea, Zazen
16:00              Dharma talk
17:00              Zazen
18:00              Samu, preparation for supper
18:30              Supper, clean up, break,
20:00              Tea, Zazen
21:00              Dokusan
22:00              End of structured Sitting

Sunday January 27th :
04:30              Wake up
05:00              Morning Service, Kinhin
06:00              Tea, Zazen, Kinhin, Zazen
07:30              Samu (work) Preparation for Breakfast
08:00              Breakfast, clean up, break
09:30              Tea, Lotus Sutra, Zazen, Kinhin
10:30              Dokusan (private interview)
12:30              Samu, preparation for lunch
13:00              Lunch, clean up, break
14:30              Tea, Zazen
15:30              Question and Answer period
16:30              Tea, Closing Ceremony, End of Sesshin


– The 3 serving bowls, eating spoon, chopsticks and a tea/kitchen towel will be provided.

– All the participants should use their personal care products (toothbrush, toothpaste etc).

– Saturday evening will be accommodated in the shala. Please bring your own sleeping bag and pillow/blanket.

– For the sittings a zafu and a zafuton are provided as well. If you prefer to use your own, please bring them with you.

NOTE: The Meals that will be served are vegetarian. Please inform us of any personal dietary restrictions.



Non-member: 90 €

Members: 75 €

Info about Shokan:


Please send an email to to register. Your place will be fully confirmed after the payment of the full amount. There is no cancellation option; however you may suggest someone else to take your place instead.

This Sesshin also counts as part of the Meditation Module towards Continuing Teacher Training for Yoga Alliance International. For further information on the full Meditation Module please contact the above email or